torsdag 25. august 2011

What happends

What happends the day you aint here. When I cant pick up the phone to hear your voice. When there is no more, see you later. What happends then, when I cant ask for advice or hugs. And I need to be the grown up for ever.

And you cant tell me what to do or give me advice... How can I continue beeing me when the ones that brought me up are gone. I want to keep you there for ever,  dont want the time to keep pushing forward. What about my needs and my feelings.

When your phone number is gone, your bed cold and your body resolved to dust. How will I survive. Who will carry me. I want you to stay for ever, and still I know it is enevidatable. You will perish, and I will carry on. Untill I am gone and my kids will feel the same cause thats the way life goes.

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